Certified Survey Map  (CSM) 

A CSM is used to divide land into 1 to 4 lots, combine contiguous parcels, or altering lot lines within a recorded subdivision. CSM's are subject to approval by local governments and then recorded at the Register of Deeds Office.

Lot Line Adjustments

A lot line adjustment changes the boundary between adjacent owners. The 2 owners have to agree and meet local ordinances.

Flood Plain Surveys

A flood plain survey accurately locates the 100 year flood elevation on parcel. This can disagree with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps. The new information is submitted to FEMA for review for flood insurance. Often wetlands are marked by a biologist and located by the surveyor.

Construction Staking & Planning

The accurate location staking for structures or improvements so the construction project does not encroach on boundaries, setbacks, easements or any other zoning ordinances.


The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) instruct the surveyor to perform specific surveying and mapping requirements. These precision surveys are usually used on industrial and commercial properties.

Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys involves the horizontal and vertical location of natural features such as trees, creeks, ground elevation as well as man made features. These surveys create a plan showing the contours of the land and location of features in relation to parcel boundaries to be used by architects, builders, engineers and land owners.

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Plat of Survey

A plat of survey establishes property boundaries by retracing the parcels recorded deed, old surveys and other forms of public record. The finished plat will show the size and location of the property, its exterior boundaries, structures with ties to the boundary, boundary fences, apparent easements, roadways and visible encroachments.